NX CAM delivers a complete and proven solution for machine tool programming that enables companies to maximize the throughput of their most advanced machine tools. With NX CAM, companies can transform their NC programming and machining processes to dramatically reduce waste and significantly boost productivity.
Driven by the requirements of manufacturing companies worldwide, NX CAM offers great flexibility in machining methods and a wide range of machine tool programming capabilities.

Optimizing the Value of the Latest Machine Tool Equipment

NX CAM offers you advanced programming technology developed over many years of experience enabling you to get the most from your advanced machine. For High speed machining, 5-axis machining, Multi-Function Machining NX CAM offers the range of flexible and advanced processors needed for effective programming.

All In One System

In NX CAM you have all the pieces you need for a complete NC programming system. It provides a full set of toolpath processors (drilling, turning, 2-5 axis milling, Wire EDM, feature based machining), post processor build and edit tool, full 3D machine tool simulation and a market leading CAD technology for part, tool and machine modeling & assembly.

Programming Automation

UGS sees the value of automation as a means of achieving a competitive business advantage in NC programming. NX CAM offers out of the box capabilities ranging from Process Wizards and templates to automated feature based machining capabilities.

Scalable from Standalone CAM to a PLM Solution

NX CAM can be purchased as a stand alone NC programming system, as a CAD/CAM solution, or with CAM data management and tool library solutions. It can be implemented along side NX tool design applications to provide a unified solution. NX CAM can be a key component of an entire part manufacturing solution including part planning, shop floor connectivity and more.


The full set of NC programming capabilities means that NX CAM can address the needs of a wide range of industries. UGS has many successful NX CAM customers in Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Machinery, Consumer Products, Medical Devices and others.

Market Share

A long established market presence and effective product has enabled UGS to maintain a leading position in market share with NX CAM.

  • Top 10 Reasons to Buy NX Cam

    Why do our customers buy NX CAM? Here are some of the key features and benefits:

    • Advanced capability in key machining areas including High Speed Machining, 5-Axis machining and the support of multi-function machine tools such as mill-turns, maximizes the value of your advanced equipment.
    • In depth functionality that gets the programming job done, even on the toughest parts.
    • Complete programming package with everything from a wide range of NC programming functions in the same system: turning, basic milling and drilling, fixed axis milling, variable axis milling, feature based automated programming, support for multi-function machining and wire EDM. You only need one CAM system.
    • Ease of use. With a windows based user interface, NX CAM has a familiar look & feel. Menus with graphical content make the system easy to learn and use.
    • Integrated supporting functions. NX comes with translators, integrated machining simulation, a graphical post processor editor and a shop documentation generator. – No need for expensive add-on solutions from different vendors.
    • Available with full CAD functions, everything you need from drafting, feature based modeling, surface modeling to assemblies. Allows the programmer to handle all geometry issues.
    • Effective automation tools makes the task faster, easier to repeat, easier to learn and to use and ensures the use of your preferred manufacturing methods and resources.
    • Proven with thousands of customers, from many of the largest companies to thousands of typical machine shops of all sizes and in all areas of manufacturing from aerospace to medical devices. UGS understands your needs.
    • World class technical support through UGS Global Technical Access Center (GTAC).
    • CAM data management, extensions for tool libraries, resource management, part process planning.