Brown Belt

Brown Belt

The three day Solid Edge Assembly class is designed for the novice to intermediate user who will create assemblies from solid models. The class will cover the commands available in the Solid Edge Assembly environment along with two assembly methods: Top-Down and Bottom-Up. Users will learn how to assemble and edit parts that already exist, create a part within an assembly, manage large assemblies and verify assembly integrity. Specialized Topics such as exploded views, Family of Assembly, cutaway views, Simply Motion and XpressRoute will also be explained.

Who should attend – This course is intended users who design assemblies or have the need to work with assemblies in product design workflows.

Prerequisites – Potential students should have the following prior to the class:
  • Completed the Solid Edge Fundamentals class
  • Or, completed the solid modeling tutorials delivered with Solid Edge
  • Or, at least 1 month modeling experience with Solid Edge
  • Mechanical Design Experience
  • Windows Experience

Lack of Mechanical Design and Windows experience is very difficult to overcome in the classroom. Students who lack one or both should realize the impact it will have on their learning experience. Just a little exposure to Solid Edge prior to the class can make a big difference.

Topics included with this course:
  • Assembly methods and relationships
  • Additional relationships
  • Editing assemblies
  • Display tools
  • Explode and cutaway views
  • Managing assemblies
  • Designing in the Assembly
  • Design Verification
  • Rendering assemblies
  • XpresRoute
  • Alternate assemblies
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