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The two day Solid Edge Surfacing class teaches students how to build free form surfaces using the Solid Edge Surfacing commands, including Rapid Blue and related functionality. Free form surfaces are surfaces that cannot be constructed using standard solid modeling features. This includes creating B-splines and other developed curves, building surfaces through one or more sets of curves, sweeping profiles along guides, and applying surface transition between faces. Learn the workflows and modeling tools that make you more productive in creating surface models. The instructor will introduce areas of focus for each modeling workflow and then reinforce this topic with well-designed lab exercises  Solid Edge.

At course completion, students will have improved their Solid Edge surface modeling skills and will have learned how:

  • The finer points of curve creation
  • To create simple and complex surfaces
  • To edit curves to produce a desired surface
  • To combine and manipulate surfaces to build a surface model
Overall, the student will be able to show an increase in productivity by more efficient use of Solid Edge.  The increased productivity will help reduce design cycle times.

Who should attend – This course is intended for users who want to learn about the Solid Edge surface modeling tools.

Prerequisites – Potential students should have the following prior to the class:
  • Solid Edge Fundamentals Training
  • Basic understanding of parametric modeling
  • Basic understanding of profile/sketch construction

Lack of Mechanical Design and Windows experience is very difficult to overcome in the classroom. Students who lack one or both should realize the impact it will have on their learning experience. Just a little exposure to Solid Edge prior to the class can make a big difference.

Topics included with this course:
  • Introduction to surface modeling
  • Creating and editing curves
  • Surface creation methods
  • Surface manipulation methods

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