The robust capabilities of Teamcenter™ Express provides the collaborative design management functionality that your engineering teams needs to manage design data and communicate both internally and externally to your organization. Teamcenter Express enable you to maximize the efficiency of the product development and other supporting engineering processes to deliver new and more innovative products faster than your competition, while minimizing your costs and improving the productivity of your organization.


Teamcenter Express helps mid-sized manufacturing companies transform their process of innovation by applying preconfigured best practices to everyday engineering tasks and processes. Companies using Teamcenter Express benefit from:

  • Securing your corporate design data while facilitating access by authorized personnel
  • A more successful move from 2D to 3D
  • Increasing your design reuse, facilitated by a powerful and flexible search capability
  • Streamlining your engineering process with simple design review and release workflows and effective change management
  • Error reduction through more effective collaboration between your departments and the elimination of mistake-prone manual handoffs to manufacturing
  • Rapid deployment of a full-featured cPDM solution
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Delivering low cost of ownership
  • High level of functionality – Key functionality required by mid-size companies such as product structure management tools, BOM creation and editing and workflow process management is included in Teamcenter Express. This functionality is frequently only available as additional cost modules with other cPDM software.

Minimal IT resources required for implementation and maintenance – Teamcenter Express is built on Microsoft standards such as Windows 2003 and SQL Server. Teamcenter Express has a specially designed installation procedure that includes automatic creation of a Teamcenter SQL database instance preconfigured to industry best practices. The Teamcenter Express web application, file vaults, full text search capability, administrator client and license server are all installed in a single session. Client installation is also fast and easy and includes automatic installation of CAD integrations.
Preconfigured industry best-practice workflows – Workflow processes for the key design release and engineering change order processes are preconfigured in Teamcenter Express. These workflows have been carefully designed to help you rapidly implement proven industry best-practice processes for the management of your engineering data.

Additional Features

Multi-CAD support – Mid-size companies typically need to manage data in multiple CAD formats. This can be data from customers and suppliers, legacy system data or data from a company that was acquired and uses a different CAD system. Teamcenter Express has excellent multi-CAD capability including integrations with the most commonly used CAD systems and the ability to integrate data from multiple CAD into a single product structure that can be viewed and managed as a complete assembly.
Best-in-class visualization – Teamcenter Express incorporates Teamcenter Visualization for best-in-class 2D and 3D document viewing, markup and analysis. Design teams can access all product configurations and product knowledge directly from the visualization module.
Standard reporting capability – Teamcenter Express includes preconfigured reports that enable engineering managers and other users to output standard reports that are essential to the day-to-day operation of the design department.
ERP integration – Teamcenter Express has available preconfigured integrations with market-leading ERP systems. Standard workflows are used to manage the transfer of data to the ERP system.
Multi-site option – Teamcenter Express has available a proven multi-site option enabling data to be replicated between geographically remote sites. Multi-Site collaboration is especially valuable to mid-size companies that have geographically dispersed design teams that need to work with synchronized product information retained in two or more databases.