Green Belt

Green Belt 2

The three day Solid Edge Fundamentals course will focus on making the novice user aware of the potential uses of production level solid modeling. The focus of this course is on the fundamental skills and concepts central to the use of Solid Edge.

At course completion, students will have learned how to utilize Solid Edge to design production level parametric models of parts, assemblies, detail drawings and document management. They will also be familiar with the Solid Edge user interface, adding features, sketching tools and various modeling techniques.

Who should attend – This course is intended for users new to Solid Edge that want to get a jump-start on becoming proficient with the Solid Edge product.

Prerequisites – Potential students should have the following prior to the class:
  • Mechanical Design Experience
  • Windows Experience
  • Completed the Solid Edge Tutorials delivered with the product

Lack of Mechanical Design and Windows experience is very difficult to overcome in the classroom. Students who lack one or both should realize the impact it will have on their learning experience. Just a little exposure to Solid Edge prior to the class can make a big difference.

Topics included with this course:
  • Exploring Solid Edge
  • 2D Sketches and Layouts
  • Primary Features
  • Treatment Features
  • Specialized Features
  • Creating Drawings of 3D Models
  • Dimensions and Annotation
  • Assembly Design
  • Document Management

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